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The Day that Sweden Switched~”Dagen H”

Walk Metro Vancouver knows that change is hard. But if you are an entire country and you can educate, plan, and change roads to get folks to drive on the other side, can we not make the same case for a great education, speed, and road design model to make walking safer and more convenient?…

Free Webinar on the Business Case for Walkability~August 2!

Thank you to Simon Fraser University’s City Program for offering this webinar hosted by Darren Davis free of charge. From the Next-Generation Transportation Webinar Series: “What gets measured gets managed”, conventional wisdom dictates. In the case of quantifying the benefits of walking, this has often been a reactive and piecemeal process, if done at all….

The Number One Reason People Don’t Walk or Bike to Work??? It may surprise you!

  The New York Times takes on the top reason cited by Americans for not biking or walking to work, from a recent survey on active commuting. That issue? Time. But, as the Times suggests, the 97 per cent of Americans who don’t use active transportation for commuting may want to rethink their reasoning. As the Times…

Electric Scooters Inundate San Francisco!

If you have been in San Francisco  California in the last few weeks  you have probably seen them-electric scooters are everywhere. And as discussed by a reporter for the New York Times section California Today  in San Francisco “Shared electric scooters are available to reserve and rent by app for as little as $1 a ride….

Walking to Work~Where are those Public Washrooms?

  Kudos to Pat Doherty and her blog The Walking Commuter, in which she describes her walking route to work, and her commuting practice, which she started during a Toronto Transit strike a few decades ago. In her blog, Pat asks a question that can also be asked in Vancouver: “Have you ever really needed to get to…

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