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Are Vancouverites snobs when it comes to walking?

An article by Emily Jackson at Metronews.ca: A new city survey might leave you scratching your head and wondering if Vancouverites are transportation snobs who turn their noses up at walking. The online survey distributed Thursday on Talk Vancouver, a platform launched in 2013 to collect citizen feedback more easily, asks residents for their opinions…

2014 Walkscore: Canada’s Most Walkable Cities

If you’re the type who likes to lace up your shoes and get from point A to point B by using the good old-fashioned power of your legs and feet, check out Canada’s most walkable cities according to Walkscore’s 2014 ratings.  

As Boomers Age, Walkable Cities Become More Important

It’s a charmed feature of family life that the oldest and youngest often find common cause. In league against the conservatism of parents, grandparents and grandkids might push for dessert before dinner or agree on the harmlessness of playing outside in the rain. It seems that the two cohorts have also found themselves in a…

We want to walk: Report finds strong preference for walkable neighbourhoods

A Vancouver Sun article reports on a new study, led by UBC professor Larry Frank,  focussing on residents of Metro Vancouver. The study has provided more evidence that pedestrian-friendly communities are much healthier than car-dependent ones. The study found people who live in pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods walk five times a week for transportation compared with one…

Sandy James: Report from Walk21 Sydney

Keynotes Paul Tranter’s talk was on the “hurry virus.”  He presented a compelling argument for walking to be considered in the same vein as the slow food movement, as a measurement of scale and of activity. Daniel Sauter from Switzerland was back with the metrics he is reviewing in establishing the best way to measure and survey walking….

TEDx: The Transformative Power of WalkingTEDx: The Transformative Power of Walkingfeatured post [
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