Accessible Walkability~The Fabric of Community

“People protected” Bike lane makes Biking Safer

You have to admire the good folks in Seattle for their approach to making the argument for safe, separated, protected bike lanes. Last week, in order to encourage the development of a continuous separated bikeway, volunteers came out to create a “people protected bikeway”. And they did a very good job, as documented on Twitter….

Free Range Kids Legal in Utah~Should Free Range be Legal Here Too?

  You may remember the story, covered by Price Tags — and many other news outlets, some international — of a Vancouver dad who who was reported to provincial authorities for allowing his kids to use transit to get to school by themselves. (The story stuck, by the way, well before that dad — business owner and affordable housing…

Why Canadian Municipalities Should Reduce Vehicular Speeds NOW

Recently, Walk Metro Vancouver  participated in a CBC Radio “On The Coast” dialogue with CBC’s Michelle Eliot. Karen Reid Sidhu, Executive Director of the Surrey Crime Prevention Society, joined me in addressing motor vehicle speeds, and the question of why convenience is sometimes viewed as more important than reducing crashes, injury and death on our roads….

How An Autonomous Vehicle’s “perception module” killed a Pedestrian

  Last week, the National Transportation Safety Board released its preliminary crash report related to the pedestrian fatality caused by the autonomous vehicle (AV) in Tempe, Arizona this past March. Trust The Economist to wade right into the muddy waters; since this report has not received much coverage in the rest of the media, we’ll join the fray. The…

Delta Police Department ASKS Public Where Speed Needs to Be Enforced

  In one of the most genius ideas, the Delta Police Department has lined up social media, safety and vehicular speed to deal with crashes in their municipality. As reported in the Delta Optimist the department has adopted a unique approach, giving the public a “heads up” about potential  enforcement areas via twitter @DPDTraffic . The result, if…

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