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The Walk Metro Vancouver Society was registered  in 2010. The Board includes directors from several “walks” at universities, health agencies, regional and municipal governments and consultancies. We are registered and function as a non-profit society in British Columbia and focus on  championing accessible walkability in Metro Vancouver.

We originally formed to host the International Walk 21 Conference at Simon Fraser University in 2011.  From that time we’ve continued to  educate, promote and maintains active links with ongoing work in the region.

You can browse through our originally  written articles, and read about seminars and walking initiatives around the globe at our website  http://walkmetrovan.ca .

Every year we focus on one theme to highlight in promoting walkability.  In the past we have focussed on pedestrian advocacy for seniors. In 2016-2017 we supported the very successful Walk and Be Seen Project  for Seniors.

Lynn Shepherd ,Sabina Harpe and Dalia Faircloth presented their findings from the Walk and Be Seen Project at the 2017 Walk21 Conference in Calgary. They continue to mentor  in making walking safer, more comfortable and convenient for seniors.

For 2018 to 2019 and for 2020 we have focussed on the vital connection between walkability and mental health.

Remember when Photographers took photos on the street? That is Coral Denis, the first female Jurisprudence in British Columbia on the left.

During the Covid pandemic the need for safe, comfortable and convenient access to places that everyone can walk or roll has been highlighted.

The board has continued to explore the walking and mental health connection, and how that reinforces resilient and sustainable communities. Some people call the ability to walk or roll to schools, shops and services within a ten minute walk  “a ten minute city”.

We call it the way forward for more connected sociable places that are built upon the tenet of universal walkability, accessible to everyone no matter what your ability.

Keep checking our website for our own original content and editorials on walkable places and spaces, as well as notices of special events of interest.

You can reach us the following ways:

Our society email is

walkmetrovan at gmail.com

You can also call the managing  director Sandy James

at Six Zero Four 719-9412.

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Creating Walkable Accessible Places for Everyone