There is a growing understanding of walkability and its importance in sociable places, community connectedness, healthy aging, and designing universally  accessible places and spaces. Walk Metro Vancouver is committed to championing walkability and accessibility across the metro region and beyond. If you build villages, towns and cities that are walkable, you are actively creating places that have an inherent sociability and neighbourliness, something every community aspires to. 

The Walk Metro Vancouver Society started in 2010 and its board includes directors from several “walks” at universities, health agencies, regional and municipal governments and consultancies. First formed to host the International Walk 21 Conference held at Simon Fraser University in 2011, the society maintains active links with ongoing work in the region. You can browse through independently written articles, and read about seminars and walking initiatives around the globe at .

Every year the directors of Walk Metro Vancouver choose a theme to organize their interests and work. In 2016 and 2017 the Society focussed on pedestrian advocacy for seniors, and supported the vastly successful Walk and Be Seen project, developed by volunteers  Lynn Shepherd and Sabina Harpe. Lynn and Sabina presented their final report to the 2017 Walk21 Conference in Calgary and continue to mentor other  organizations in making walking safer, more comfortable and convenient for seniors.

In  2018-2019, Walk Metro Vancouver examined the important linkage of of walkability and mental health. For 2019 the Board has chosen to continue this theme as evidence is showing the importance of this connection in healthy communities.

At any time one in five adults is struggling with mental depression and research is showing that emphasizing walkable places enhances mental health.

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To contact the Walk Metro Vancouver society email  sandyjamesplanner at gmail. com or call Sandy James at 604 719 9412.

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