Working Together to Create Walkable Communities


TEDx: The Transformative Power of Walking

I  was so excited to be asked to speak in Carson City Nevada. It was a different experience, memorizing your talk and speaking on a television set with five cameras. The event was sold out, and there was an overflow theatre that accommodated an additional four hundred people. I came away inspired by the many…

Distraced Walking

Data show that distracted walking is a non-issue and isn’t growing

From Treehugger: “I have been writing a lot lately about various campaigns to stop distracted walking, to ban texting and walking, and to even stop walking and talking as a distraction. Invariably, I am deluged in comments about how walking and texting while crossing a street is dumb and dangerous, and doing it on the…


Janette Sadik-Khan in Vancouver: Shaking up the status quo

Janette Sadik-Khan came to Vancouver on March 24 with  publicist Seth Solomonow to promote her new book “Streetfight”, a Handbook for an urban evolution. Janette is now working with  Bloomberg Associates and bringing her strong urban placemaking skills to cities around the world. Sadik-Khan was the Transportation Commissioner for New York City from 2007…

Vancouver, BC